Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fun in the Rain...and the mud

Lukie's Big News

A week or so ago, Abue Rosi managed to catch Lukie at just the right time.

The right time for what, you ask?

The right time to use the toilet.

We haven't been pressuring Lukie to potty train.  He hasn't been interested and that is fine.  We aren't interested in a potty training battle.  Rather, we just remind each other that Lukie will not go to college in Pull-Ups.

Abue Rosi got him to use the toilet and he was SO proud of himself that he burst with the news when I arrived to pick him up.   We did high 5s and knuckles and danced around like maniacs.  And the coolest part?  He did it again the next day and the next.  His track record wasn't perfect; for every time he made it to the toilet, he'd miss the next.

Yesterday, Lukie came home from preschool sans a Pull-Up. My son was "commando."  Apparently, he kept taking his Pull-Up off all day and they finally just let him stay that way.  At home, Lukie told me that he wanted to only use the toilet.  Awesome, but this was followed by an accident in the living room. 

He is obsessed with going potty (and poop) in the toilet.  This experience is so different than with Gracie.  He is so focused on making sure that he gets to the toilet and he'll sit there until he is totally done (as opposed to Gracie who can't sit still for 5 seconds. 

Keep your fingers crossed that I have 2 potty trained Twinsies soon!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Caught in the Act!

Gracie and Luke love to tattle on each other. They aren't mean about it, or even annoying. They just like to be reassured that they know and understand what is nice/good behavior and what is mean.

One day, Gracie and I were sitting reading a book, when a cry of distress came from the bathroom. Gracie went to go investigate and when she came back, she had quite a story to tell me. Not believing her, I decided to check it out for myself.

An Afternoon Suprise

Last week, it was unseasonably hot here. After a week of rainy days, the sun was beating hot on California and I noticed that our grass looked as if the sprinklers had not come on in several days. I was working on the automatic sprinkler system and Gracie and Lukie were playing in the backyard when suddenly, the sprinklers started working.

And you can only guess what happened:

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gracie and Lukie love Beauty and the Beast.  This is what they shared with me today.  They melt my heart.

Mommy Enginuity

While I completely love our inflatable pool, I very much dislike the amount of time it takes to pump air into the darn thing.  It takes 30 minutes with the electric air pump and that is annoying.  The day before their birthday, Gracie and Lukie and I were lamenting how hot it was (okay, I was lamenting, they were playing) and they begged me to put the pool out.  Not willing to go to all the trouble, I came up with a MacGyver-esque solution.

Thankfully, they loved it!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Little Mermaid was sleeping in Gracie's Bed Last Night

Princess Ariel (a.k.a. Gracie) slept in my house last night. I convinced her not to wear her pretty mermaid dress to school. "One of the babies may ruin it!"
She bought it. Hook, line, and sinker!

Monday, November 1, 2010

In which I cannot decide if I love 3 years old or not

Gracie and Luke have been 3-years-old now for a couple of months. It has been a roller coaster to be sure. Now that I have some experience with 3, here's what I have about 3-year-olds: It's a love-hate relationship.

Things I love about 3-years-old:
1. the spontaneous and sincere expressions of love
2. the enthusiasm for life
3. the silly singing and story telling
4. the independence
5. the helpfulness when it is time to take out the trash
6. fewer diapers
7. the ability to amuse oneself rather than depending on me
8. a rapidly forming ability to remember everything that happens, ever
9. imagination times 10
10. they can do more things for themselves (I don't have to do everything for them)

Things I dislike intensely about 3-years-old:
1.quick mood changes
2. stubbornness
3. independence
4. the "helpfulness" when you really did not need the help
5. finickiness about food
6. the tattling voice
7. Gracie's "I'm 3 going on 13" voice: "Mah-ahm! No-wah!"
8. the ability to remember everything (including that Mommy just said "stupid") and share it with everyone we meet
9. potty training (bleh!)
10. the defiance (yes, it is real)

It is definitely a love-hate relationship, but I would not change it for the world. Three is so much fun!

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