Monday, April 28, 2008

Little Who Hairs!

Gracie Lu-Who was born with crazy hair! Remember this?Gracie is ready to cheer on the Bears

Sometime in the months after she was born, her hair started to fall out. This was very sad for Daddy and me. Then, all of a sudden, Gracie's hair started to grow. Strangely.

Gracie has what we like to call "Who-Hairs." These are randomly long hairs that tend to blow in the wind and stick out way above all of the others. There are approximately 12 Who-Hairs on her head. They are pretty adorable, but hard to capture on film. We tried to do it today.

Let us know if you can see the elusive Who-Hairs:

If you can't see them on the video, maybe this picture will help.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wrestle Mania 17

What do you get when you put 2 babies, 2 toys, and a late night together?


Wrestle Mania 17!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A boy and his Jumperoo

Until yesterday, I had never purchased anything off of Craig's List. I've done the eBay thing and it was okay, but Craig's List seemed more iffy to me. That is, until I needed a Jumperoo for the babies and refused to pay $80 for a brand new one. I'm not a cheapskate, I just hate paying full price for something when there are hardly used ones out in the world.

So yesterday, I found a Rain Forest Jumperoo for sale at $45. I went to the seller's home and other than smelling like Indian food, the Jumperoo was awesome. So, I bought it and Febreezed it when I got home. I couldn't wait to put the babies into it! Luke LOVES the Jumperoo and by day 2, he is quite an expert. See for yourself!

Looks like fun to me! I wonder if they make Jumperoos for adults?

Monday, April 21, 2008

First Steps!

Okay, now that I have your attention:

Daddy is convinced that Gracie will be the first to talk and the first to walk. I'm working on editing the hours of video of Gracie "talking," but until then, watch her first steps. She has a long way to go, but it's just the sweetest thing!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Eddie and Jen, Cinematographers

Before Gracie and Luke were born, Eddie bought a digital camcorder. Our goal was to record every moment in the babies' lives so that we could have them years later. We haven't done as well as we had hoped, but we have a short video we thought we'd share from the night the babies were born.

We hope you enjoy our first attempt at movie making. Check back soon for some adorable scenes of Gracie and Luke in their first days home.

P.S. There appear to be typos in the titles! I don't know why! I just checked and they are correct in the movie editing software. Grrrrrrrrr.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Digital Scrapbooking

I've never been a scrapbooker. I don't have the time or patience for cutting, adhearing, etc. I'd much rather use a less messy method to create memory pages. Here's one of my attempts at digital scrapbooking. Very non-messy, very cute, very free, and I can see it right away!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Working on the sippy cup

For a while now, Gracie and Luke have been trying to hold onto their bottles. They've had various amounts of success with getting their hands around the bottles. Mostly, they like to play with the plastic drop-in and make crinkly noises with it. I read somewhere that babies at this age might be able to handle a sippy cup. So, I bought one version, but they did not know what to do with it. The mouth/sippy part was too hard. Daddy took us to the store and I found the Gerber sippy cup with a slightly softer sippy part. The results have been mixed. Despite the protection of the "leak-proof" sippy seal, most of their drink ends up on their shirts.
Who knows. Some day they may actually have it mastered.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bad Mommy

You wouldn't know from looking at the dates of my blog entries, but I am constantly writing new ones in my head. I have about 12 of them knocking around in my brain right now. Sadly, I never have the time to sit down and actually get them into the computer. There are several blogs I read every day and those parents have been awesome about documenting their babies' development. Don't believe me? Visit some of the ones I am addicted to:


Goddess in Progress

You would think that I would be recording every single thing that happens with the babies. The sad thing is, I haven't. I can't tell you when Luke and Gracie smiled for the first time. I can't remember what actual day Luke or Gracie got their first teeth. Heck, I can't even tell you when they first rolled over.

Does this make me a loser mom? I know some moms are fanatic about recording every single thing that happens. I just don't seem to have the time or heart to do it. I'm trying to memorize pictures of the babies: smiles, laughs, silly things they do. Do I need to record it? Will they truly be interested? Or is it more about what others will want to know?

I don't want to be a Bad Mommy. Can you be a fantastic mommy without recording every single thing that happens?

Happy Spring!

Spring has sprung in our house! Mommy's roses are blooming, the Twinsies get to go for walks twice a day, and Daddy wears shorts everyday. How exciting it is!

Easter was a special time. First, we took these fun pictures.

Can you handle the cuteness? I mean, honestly!

Second, we took our very first long car ride. Mommy learned 2 things about Twinsies and long trips: 1) Twinsies travel best when they are sleeping. 2) Twinsies only sleep for so long before they WAKE UP. Sadly, the Twinsies don't like the car anymore. :(

What is Mommy's favorite thing about Spring?
Naked tinky toes and chubby legs, of course!

Happy 10th Birthday!

There's nothing better than bringing cupcakes and having free dress on your 10th birthday! These two were so excited that they kept r...