Sunday, April 29, 2007

Bumps and Thumps

We thought we'd share some wonderful news with you.

This has got to be the most amazing week of our lives! Last week, I started feeling some squirming (for lack of a better word) in my lower abdomen. Since this is my first pregnancy, I wasn't sure if it was the babies moving or if it was my crazy digestive system. But this week, things totally changed. I was lying on the couch on Monday and I put my hands on my belly just below my belly button. All of a sudden, I felt this bump that has never been there before. Not a smooth bump, but something that felt totally alien. I called Eddie over and put his hand on my belly. "Is that one of the babies?" he asked. "I think so!," I said. We both cried! It was wonderful.

Then, a few days ago, the squirming feeling got a little bit stronger and I realized that it was centered right where I felt that strange bump. I couldn't feel movement outside of my belly, but I could definitely feel something going on inside.

Eddie has been away this weekend on a business trip, and each night, he calls to read the babies and me our bedtime story: the next day's entry in the pregnancy journal and a couple of poems from Shel Silverstein's Where the Sidewalk Ends. I was lying on the couch again and I turned on the speaker phone feature on the headset and placed it on my belly. As he read to us, the bump moved! It shifted from it's position over toward his voice! I couldn't believe it. The more he read, the closer it moved. We were blown away! A few hours later, the bump/baby was back in its normal position and I put my hand on it. I put a little pressure on it because I was hoping to figure out what I was feeling. It moved away from my hand. It was playing Hide and Seek with me!

We've been waiting so long for something other than morning/all-day sickness to prove to us that I am actually pregnant and voila! Here it is!

This Wednesday we have another OB appointment and on Friday we have an amniocentesis scheduled. Our doctor has told us that we don't have to do the amnio and that the doctor who usually performs it will do an extra long ultrasound to see if there is anything wrong with the babies. We hope to be able to see if the doctor can determine the sexes of the

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