Wednesday, May 30, 2007

5 Months Along and Growing Strong!

As I sit here, the Twinsies are having a kick-boxing match in my belly! We have officially completed 21 weeks (that puts us in the 5 month category). The babies have grown very fast in the past few weeks and are really healthy. Dr. Hartford did an extra long ultrasound yesterday to measure them and they are growing just like a singleton baby. They are still measuring due on October 7. Iggy (the boy - it's his nickname, don't worry) is has claimed the left side of me for his own and likes to fight Hermie (the girl - her nickname, too) for dominance. So far, Hermie is winning though. In the ultrasound, she is a good four inches higher in my stomach than Iggy is. As of yesterday, she is about 5 inches above my belly button.

The babies have been very active in the late morning, late afternoon and just before I go to bed. Today, though, they have been kicking me for the past 3 hours. Wow! Is this what we have to look forward to? We can't wait!

As the babies have been growing, so has my belly. I was just complaining to Eddie that I did not look pregnant. I really need to keep my mouth shut! All of a sudden, my belly has been growing and every day, it seems to have grown more. I am wearing this fun contraption called a Baby Hugger to help lift the babies and support my belly and back. It looks very intimidating, but it is really helping.

My nausea has decreased, but pops up every once in a while. Usually, it pops up when I have to go to work or I get in a car. Now I am mostly just tired, and it is a wonderful excuse to take a nap.

My sisters are planning an All-Girl baby shower for July 15th and our really-great friends are planning a Friends and Family baby shower luau for July 29. Watch the mail! You will be receiving invitations soon. If you can't come, we will miss you terribly!

We don't have any new pictures, but maybe I'll get Eddie to take a picture of me so you can see how much the three of us have grown. A lady today asked me how far along I was and when I said 5 months, she was stunned. When I told her I am having twins, she seemed relieved. :)

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