Saturday, January 16, 2010

Operation Bye-Bye Binky - Saturday Update

Gracie and Lukie slept very well until about 2:45 am at which time Gracie woke up and started to cry. When she was still crying 5 minutes later, I went into her room to comfort her and put her back into bed. Crazy Kid! She rushed past me and was in our bed faster than I've ever seen. I decided to let her stay and about 5 minutes later, Lukie started to cry.

So, both Twinsies got into bed with us. BIG MISTAKE! HUGE!

At 4:05 am, I was finally done with wriggling and twisting and I took them back to their bedroom. There was much screaming and crying and general unhappiness. I stayed until everyone was back to sleep and then I tried to go back to sleep myself. We were up again at 6:45, well, Gracie and I were.

We spent the day on a road trip with Nana and it was awful. Nana was wonderful. The Twinsies, not so much. The lack of binkies coupled with traveling in Nana's car meant that Gracie and Luke did not nap. At all. Our trip to Ventura and our trip home included screaming, kicking, crying and tears on the parts of Gracie, Lukie and me.

"Go away, Momma!"
"No, Momma! No like you!"

Whenever we weren't in the car, things were great. We visited a beach and I took a lot of great pictures.

We made sand piles, walked with doggies, scaled walls and threw rocks (no matter how many times I told them not to.)

Saturday night, they passed out in record time for Daddy. There were a few questions about binkies, but a reminder about what happened seemed to calm them. They well Saturday night, but did wake a few times. I had to go in to calm Gracie, but they did it! They survived.

Not sure if I will or if my ears will ever be the same, though.

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