Saturday, July 31, 2010

If I told you how many unfinished blog posts I have

I have about 15 unfinished blog posts just waiting for me to share them with the world. Hopefully, I'll finish them soon. In the meantime, Aunt Bec caught these pictures of Gracie and Lukie at Rainforest Cafe as we celebrated Bianca's 7th birthday:

Can you believe these two? I feel like I blinked and they grew up all of a sudden! They don't look like babies (even though their favorite past time is to pretend to be babies) and that makes me sad. They are going to be big kids soon. Waaaa.

Speaking of Big Kids, Bianca as 7 is just something I cannot comprehend. She was 4 when we took this picture:
Gracie and Bianca
That tiny little baby is Gracie Lu Who. Do you remember her being that small?

And what about this one at my hospital baby shower:

It just amazes me how quickly time passes.

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  1. I can't believe how big the twinsies are!!!!! It really does go so fast doesn't it? Can't wait to read all those blog posts! :)


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