Friday, August 12, 2011

Our Michael Jackson craze

At the beginning of the summer, Gracie and Lukie's teacher mentioned how much they liked the hip hop class on Thursdays.  There was a new session starting and the teacher had invited Gracie to participate.  Apparently, Gracie was all over dance class.  She sashayed and jumped and had some serious rhythm.  I looked at the price of the class and almost choked.

However, after a sibling discount (who hoo) and two very excited kids, I found the money hiding in my savings account to make hip hop class a reality for them.  I'm so glad I did it!  Not only are they having a blast, but they are discovering music that we haven't introduced them to.  I can do without Justin Bieber and the Baja Men, but they've absolutely fallen in LOVE with Michael Jackson.  So much so, that we have spent several hours watching videos and dancing to Michael Jackson songs.  I burned CDs with their favorite songs on them and they are what we listen to in the car.  They love to sing "Beat It", "Black or White", "Smooth Criminal", and "Bad."  They are also discovering "The Girl is Mine."  They love hearing the stories of Michael Jackson from when Aunt Bec and I were little.  Lukie is excited about dancing like him and keeps practicing his Moon Walk.

Lukie's dancin' moves:

He loves dancing like Michael Jackson so much that he even dancing to MJ in the car:

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