Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Dollar

Tonight, Daddy and the Twinsies went to Starbucks to surprise me with a drink. While they waited in the drive thru line, a man approached the driver's side window and asked Eddie for a quarter. Eddie told him that he did not have any cash and could not help. From the back seat, Lukie asked Eddie what the man wanted. When he told Lukie, he was very worried. "Daddy, he can have my dollar. Call him back, please."

So Eddie called the man back and offered him Lukie's dollar. At first, the man did not want to take it when he heard it came from Lukie, but Eddie insisted Lukie wanted him to have it. After the man left with the dollar, my amazing children talked about how there are people who need our help. They don't have homes. They don't have clothes. They don't have food. We need to help them because it is the right thing to do when you have a home, clothes, and food.

Every day, I talk with Gracie and Lukie about things like this and, most times, I think they forget about it the minute their attention is taken away. Apparently not. Tonight, I hugged Lukie when he told me about the man. It wasn't just that I felt proud of him. It touched my heart that my little guy saw someone in need and did not ignore them. He embraced them in the only way he knew how. ♥

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