Saturday, March 2, 2013

Gracie -3 Lukie -1!

Today was the big day! Lucas and Gracie started t-ball. They were very excited for today. We surprised them by having donuts for breakfast. While we were driving Lucas all of a sudden let out a strange sound and said "Mommy, look!" when I turned around, I discovered that Lucas's tooth had fallen out. Finally, after a long time of waiting, Lukie's first tooth has fallen out!

Look!  Lukie is missing a tooth!
We stayed for opening ceremonies and had a lot of fun with new friends. Later in the afternoon, it was our very first t-ball game. It was so much fun, that Mommy and Daddy had to keep their mouths covered so that no one would see how hard they were laughing. It was a fantastic day! Gracie and Lucas are playing for the Granada Hills Blue Jays.  They each have new mitts and bats (Gracie's is Hello Kitty).  Lucas even has a bat that Bianca gave him.  He calls it his Fire Bat.

Blue Jays!

Later that night, the Tooth Fairy came and brought Lucas $5 for his first tooth. He was very excited to see what she has left him the next morning.

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