Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Gracie: "Mommy, I'm just so excited!"

Me: "Why, Gracie-Lu?"
Gracie (bouncing up and down): "Because tomorrow, I turn 6!"
Me: "That's right! Tonight is your last night being 5!"
Gracie: "And tomorrow, I get to wear a crown because I'm turning 6 and you are going to bring a cake to school for my friends, and Mrs. Averion is going to make you kiss my cheek and freeze so that she can take our picture."
*Punctuated by a bounce and a back leg kick.*
Gracie: "But the best thing, Mommy..."
Me: "What is it, Gracie?"
Gracie (bouncing like crazy): "It is going to be my birthday ALL DAY LONG!"

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