Sunday, September 30, 2007

Our New Family

I've sat down about a dozen times to write this post and each time I do, I hear a whimper or a cry from another room and have to get up to check on the babies. Having them home is so wonderful. No more NICU! I really love taking care of them, holding them, feeding them. I am constantly awed by the fact that I am somebody's Mommy, let alone, two somebodies.

It isn't easy. I don't have anything to compare this to, but I can certainly say that I am exhausted and am desperate for some sleep. It has been hard because Eddie is in his wheelchair and can't help me with everything I need for the babies. We haven't gone grocery shopping either. He needs someone to help him and I need him to get someone else to go with him. The babies are generally fine for the first hour or so of an outing, but if I can avoid going out with them, that is the preference. It isn't that they aren't perfectly wonderful on a trip. It is just that an outing is like planning a military campaign and by the time the babies are in the car, I'm ready for a nap.

Gracie and Luke are growing like weeds. Gracie has already gained a pound and a half in the week or so since they have been home. Luke has gained several ounces, but they would like him to be gaining more. He is a pretty hefty 6.25 lbs, while Gracie is 4 pounds 12.5 ounces. Pretty great considering we haven't reached their due date yet. The nurses keep telling me the babies shouldn't even have been born yet. Gracie's face is filling in and she is looking great! Slowly, she is starting to look like a baby instead of a preemie. Luke has the sweetest face and makes these adorable sounds when he sleeps.

This Thursday will be the end of our second week home with them and they will be 4 weeks old. I promise to try to be better at posting updates!


  1. Sounds like you guys are doing okay. Is there any friends or family who could come hang out and help get the grocery shopping done? I know that is one of the hardest things to get done with a new baby in the house (much less two!).

    Hehe, have you two figured out the amount of time you need extra to get to a place on time? I'm not looking forward to having to readjust my time length when this baby comes, lol. We have to get ready at LEAST an hour a head of time, and be out of our house 45 or 30 minutes before the time. (I prefer 45 minutes, because I swear it takes us 15 minutes to get in the car!)

    I'm glad you are all home and getting to experience the family thing there. Nothing like being home with your family.

  2. Dang, they are so cute!

    Now's the time to find a multiples moms group because they may be able to help out with grocery shopping, etc. Not to mention all the invaluable info you'll gain from meeting other moms with twins (and triplets and quads!)


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