Thursday, January 24, 2008

Drowning in a Sea of Unexpressed Gratitude

We have received literally hundreds of gifts for Gracie and Luke. Some were received before the babies were born, others at our Meet the Babies showers. I've done my best to try to send out thank you cards asap, but it seems like there are not enough hours in the day to keep up with all of the thank yous I need to send. Every time I get ready to sit down and write them, a baby will start crying or I will realize that I need to pump or Eddie will need something. Now, I look at my list of thank yous I need to send and am starting to feel like I am drowning under their weight.

I've been wondering what Emily Post would think of e-cards as thank yous. What do you think? Would she support it for moms of multiples?


  1. Go for it Jen! I don't get why people think E-Cards are any different. It's not like you didn't still type your own words on it.

  2. If you have time to type e-cards, wouldn't you have time to write a note? Just asking... I had mono when I had my second and had barely enough energy to just send one note a day. And they were terribly generic. But they were done. "Done is better than perfect." :) Another mantra to add to your growing list.

  3. Jen -

    I have been following y'all on the Twins board on BBC forever. I don't have twins, but have always thought they were pretty cool!!! Anyway, I already confessed my stalker-like behavior to Jess (TavahJess), so don't worry. :o) Anyway, I have always wanted to tell you how awesome you are & how lucky your kids are to have you for their mom!!!

    Your blog is really neat. I can't believe how your babies have grown! They are beautiful! Anyway, take care!

    Danielle (dwsturg on BBC)

  4. I did a cheater move - I wrote a generic thank you (typed it up on the computer, pretty paper and font) and pasted it onto the back of a photo of the babes and mailed them out. At first I felt like I was cheating, but I actually got compliments on how cute they turned out. Go E-card!

  5. Jen-
    What up? Everyone likes to hear or read THANK YOU! It doesn't if you decide to give your appreciation to everyone by e-mail or mail! People will love it either way!


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