Sunday, March 9, 2008

Gracie and Luke get dunked, (oops!) I mean, Baptized

Despite lots of tears and hysterical sobs, Gracie and Luke were baptized yesterday along with Baby Cousin Nathan at Holy Family in Glendale. Nathan is actually a year older than the Twinsies, but he will always be Baby Cousin Nathan to us (that is, until he is old enough to say "Aunt Jen, stop it!").

Something funky was going on with the camera, so most of our pictures are yucky. However, here are some you might enjoy.

We followed up the Baptisms with a yummy afternoon lunch at BJs. Nina Marlisa made her fantastic chocolate cupcakes (heaven in a paper cup). A fun day was had by all. They Twinsies passed out at 6:30 pm.


  1. Tears and hysterical sobs from the kids? or from the parents? :)

    I can't get over how much the twins have grown. I had to keep going back and forth in the last post because the change is amazing.

    I have my girls pictures taken every year with Santa and the Easter Bunny and then I go back and compare... this year's Easter Bunny picture is crazy because niether of my kids looks like a baby anymore. I'll be posting it on my blog soon.

  2. Hysterical sobs from babies! Lukie cried, Nathan cried, Gracie only cried when Deacon John poured the holy water on her head.

    I agree! The babies are ginormous!


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