Thursday, March 6, 2008

One half a year old...Time Flies When You are Growing!

rolling over...almost
blowing bubbles...yes, yuck
"talking" to Mommy and Daddy...yup
sleeping through the night...well, they were
holding onto our own bottles...when they want to
teeth...Lukie - 2
teeth...Gracie - 1
kicking water in the bathtub and soaking bet
6 months old...that's right!

Gracie and Luke celebrated their 6 Month Birthday yesterday. Gracie did it in grand style by rolling over for the first time. They have grown so much in the past few months. They don't even look like the two tiny babies we held in the NICU. Here's an idea of how big they are now:

In the NICU:

With Dad when they were only a few weeks old:

With Mom in their Yearbook photo at 1.5 months:

5.5 months old:

6 months old:

To prove that the Twinsies are indeed old enough to be considered "almost 1" (gasp), they are finally starting solids. Everyone told us to start with rice cereal. Ummmm, no. Honestly, have you tried that stuff? Yuck! Then, they suggested oatmeal. We considered it, but then we thought the Twinsies are too amazing for that.

So we went for the ultimate in Twinsie food: AVOCADO.

Gracie was excited at first, but then wasn't sure what to do with it.
Luke decided that he wanted to eat it, but made a face like I was feeding him poison.

Each of the Twinsies had about 8 spoonfuls of avocado until they were D-O-N-E. At that point, we gave them both bottles of breastmilk which they ate ravenously.

We plan to keep feeding them avocado for the next few days to see if they start liking it more. We haven't decided what their next meal will be, but it will be something equally exciting. We have to get them ready for Tia Elvira's avocado salsa.

The next exciting thing to come is the Twinsies' baptism on Saturday. Watch for pics of the most adorable babies on the planet on Sunday.

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