Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Gracie is on the move!

Not soon after the Triplet, Triplet, Twin Party, Gracie got seriously mobile. She has this strange little crawl - kind of a crawl on her right knee and a shove forward with her left foot. It makes us giggle, but it gets her on the move pretty fast.

Here's something I forgot from watching my sister's kids crawl: when they want to be, crawlers are FAST! Gracie can go from one end of the room to another before I even notice that she started moving. What's more, she is insanely curious and will grab anything she finds and shove it into her mouth.

You can only imagine the things I've yanked from her grasp:
  • paper
  • her brother's binky
  • dried up Baby Mum Mums
  • pencils (not intentionally left on the carpet)
  • electrical cords
  • discarded toys
  • Mommy's shoes (carelessly left about the floor)
  • kitty food
Needless to say, the baby gates are going up as fast as they can. We've rearranged the living room to keep Gracie from getting to Daddy's cookbooks. We even put acrylic covers on the DVD player and Tivo. I just wish they worked better. Gracie has already figured out how to get around the covers to get the DVD drawer to open. She's so smart!

You can only imagine the places we have found Gracie (the video is kind of dark - sorry!):

Luke is working on his mobility. At first, he just lay there on the floor crying as Gracie sped from one end of the room to another. Recently, though, he is getting his Commando Crawl down. On his tummy, Luke puts his left elbow forward and uses it to pull his entire body forward. If he wants to, he can make it across the room using this method. However, it isn't fast enough to make him happy. Usually, he'll stop mid-journey and start to cry, hoping against hope that one of us will pick him up. We are trying not to. We want him to want to crawl. Today, he got up on his hands and knees several times and rocked back and forth. He wants to crawl! Any day now and we'll have 2 babies on the move.

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