Thursday, June 26, 2008

Saying Goodbye to Sonia

Gracie and Luke are lucky to many people who love them. In the 6 months since I returned to work, they have had Grandma Rosi and Grandpa Al who come to help Daddy during the week and in February, they met Sonia. Sonia came to us by way of the DOLLS, a charity group who donated her services so that when Grandma and Grandpa could not be there to help, Daddy would not be alone. Sonia fell in love with Gracie and Luke right away. She often told us that she loved them like they were her own grandchildren.

Sonia would take the babies for walks, could get them to sleep for 2 hour naps (wow!), and taught them all kinds of songs in Spanish. She was an expert at distracting the babies when they would cry and getting them to laugh.

Today, we had to say goodbye to Sonia. She was so wonderful to us and we are grateful for the time she spent with our family. We feel lucky to have had her as a part of Gracie and Luke's life.

In a few weeks, Sonia's son and daughter-in-law will be welcoming their own twins to the family. They are expecting a boy and a girl! Hopefully, she will enjoy them as much (MORE!) than she enjoyed spending time with Gracie and Luke.

Thank you, Sonia!

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