Sunday, November 1, 2009

Our First "Real" Halloween

Technically, yesterday was Gracie and Luke's third Halloween. However, I'm going to think of it as their first "real" Halloween.

Their first was when they were almost 2 months old. They didn't do much. Certainly, there was no trick or treating. There was crying and pooping and eating. Your typical newborn evening.

Their second was last year. Both were sick and trick or treating started after their bed time. We did not make it to a single house. Not really Halloween either.

This year, they wore their pirate costumes and I worked for 3 days to get them to say "trick or treat." It still didn't sound like "trick or treat" last night, more like a "trik r ree." Their "thank yous" were spot on though and that made everything just fine!

Here they are. Notice there are no hats.
They would not wear their hats, no matter how we tried to bribe them.

Gracie's pirate girl costume was really pretty and was of much better quality than Lukie's. Not sure how, though. We got both of them at the big W.

Lukie's costume was supposed to be a 2T (Just like Gracie's),
but it was so small that he kept flashing his tummy at everyone.

Here is the pirate crew all together for a picture.

Papa doesn't know it yet, but his pirate pantaloons have already torn in the seat!

Here's a picture of all of us together. I opted to wear kitty ears so that I wasn't the odd one out.

We went out trick or treating about 6 pm. There was hardly anyone out and about. Even more surprising were the number of totally dark houses. On one block, only four houses were giving out candy. There should be a rule that you can't have a pumpkin or decorations out unless you are participating in trick or treating. It isn't fair! We finally found a block where people knew us and had fun. When Gracie and Luke realized that people were putting candy into their candy bags, they wanted to go to every house!

Gracie and Luke loved this ghost. He popped out of the pumpkin and would disappear after he scared you.

Gracie and Luke said "thank you" every time someone gave them candy. Without being prompted!

We lasted for about an hour before I realized that Gracie Lu Who was getting very tired. Given that she was still not feeling 100% from her virus, we did well. We stopped back at Grandma and Grandpa's house to change into Halloween jammies and then packed ourselves into the car.

Only 3 minutes after this picture was taken, Gracie was asleep!

We had a great time! It was amazing to be able to take our own children Trick or Treating, especially when for so long we thought we might never be parents. It was a beautiful memory!


  1. Great costumes!!! I'm glad you made it out!

  2. Sounds like a succesful night - and great job on the Thank You's! My boys also refused to wear the hats for their costumes. It was the "head" part of their dragon outfit and I'm not sure if it scared them, or if they just didn't like it on their head. Oh well, you can still tell what they are, and Luke and Gracie make great pirates!


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