Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas on Euclid

The first of many traditions in Mommy's family is Christmas on Euclid in Ontario, the town where I grew up. Christmas on Euclid started as a craft fair and got so popular that one year it not only went up and down Euclid Avenue, but it spread to many of the side streets between C and G street. I remember buying Christmas angels from Christine and cat ornaments from the lady who was so clever with plastic balls and pom-poms. The things we purchased from them have become a part of our Christmas traditions.

Today, we met at Christmas on Euclid for our annual shopping trip. Aunts and uncles had tri-tip sandwiches for breakfast and cousins had freshly made doughnuts. We saw Santa and huge firetrucks and screamed bloody murder when Mommy wouldn't let us walk. Sigh.

Gracie, Cousin Nate, and Lukie
Don't you love Gracie's bows?

Lukie got to stand on a huge fire truck that
had its ladder fully extended. He loved it!

Inside the truck. I have no clue who that girl is.

Lukie was the only one to sit on Santa's lap. Gracie was having none of it! She was, oddly, obsessed with Tremor. He gave her a high five and knuckles. She was very impressed.

We left filled with kettle corn, doughnuts, water, and tri-tip. We were ready for a nap. I'd like to say there were naps, but none were forthcoming. It was a loooong day.


  1. It sounds like such a fun day! My boys would have gone nuts over the fire truck too. LOVE Gracie's bows!

  2. Crafty things are so fun! Other than the "no nap" part, sounds like a wonderful day. Thanks for the bow shout-out!


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