Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Twinsie Crafts (Again without the Camera)

I know! I know! I'll bring the camera into the house. I promise!

Tonight when I got home, I asked Gracie and Luke if they wanted to make Valentines with me. I've mentioned Valentines before and they seem to know what they are. I thought it might be fun if I combined 2 of their favorite things: sitting at their little table and coloring with markers.

I've kept a pack of construction paper around for quite some time, so I took out many sheets (not caring what colors they were) and began cutting hearts. Gracie and Luke were beside themselves with excitement. "Heart! Mommy, it's a heart!"

I had Gracie and Luke tell me who they wanted to send Valentines too and I took 5 seconds to address each of the hearts and write a quick, "Happy Valentine's Day!" Then, they were passed off, a la assembly line mode, to each Twinsie to draw and color on. This kept us occupied for the better part of 45 whole minutes! Seriously! Forty-five minutes!

Gracie and Luke were extremely proud of their Valentines and kept getting up to run and show Daddy what they were creating. We had a bit of a battle when Gracie and Luke both wanted the purple marker, but other than that, everything was great.

Well, everything was great until I realized that my Crayola markers are so old that they aren't washable. Yep. Not washable. I know this because I left Gracie and Luke in the tub for 35 minutes and they still have marker on their hands.

I really need to be more careful than that!

So, keep your eyes open! Who knows? Maybe one of our Valentines will be coming your way!


  1. How fun! (except for the un-washable part)
    Valentine's are on our agenda for tonight!

  2. WASHABLE must be written on every purchase I make lol!!!! What a fun activity!


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