Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Because I love that I'm sharing my daughter's toilet training with the world

A few days ago, I was ready to toss all of the panties and go buy a huge box of Pull Ups at Sam's Club.  Saturday, Gracie went through 4 pairs of panties and two swimsuit bottoms.  I was so frustrated with her!  If you ask her where she is supposed to go potty, she will tell you in her sweet little voice: "In the toilet."  If you ask her where she is supposed to go poop, she will tell you in an even sweeter voice: "In the toilet!"  But Saturday, it was like she forgot everything about everything. 

Looking  back, I think she was really tired.  She never takes naps at home, but I managed to get both of them to take a nap for over an hour and a half on Saturday.  It is possible that she was so tired she just wasn't aware enough of her body.

So yesterday, when we planned to go to Sea World, I was on the verge of putting her in Pull Ups.  But when given the option, Gracie said she wanted her panties.  We packed extra panties and shorts, just in case, and headed off.  Gracie promised that she wouldn't have an accident and she was right!

I helped her by taking her every hour or so and watching the fluids she drank.  When she had a lot to drink, I would ask her to take me to the bathroom and, every time, she told me she would go first.  I won't give specifics, because I'm not that interested in embarrassing Little Whoville, but she did all of her business in the toilet yesterday and never had an accident!  She was such a big girl and we made sure to tell her how proud we were of her last night.  We had high fives, hugs, and lots of "We're so proud of yous!"

This morning, our fantastic almost three year old, woke up with a dry Pull Up for the very first time.  I'm really hoping this is a sign of the end of all diapers!

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