Tuesday, September 4, 2012

4 years and 364 days

We have been so looking forward to five. I mean, countdown every day, "Is that a long time, Mommy?", "Are we almost five?" kind of looking forward. With all the build up, the excitement level has reached its boiling point.

Our last night as 4 year olds did not start well. Tears, mean words, tantrums. Then, we discovered Lukie's completed homework was lost, so we had to copy Gracie's pages so that he could redo them. We discovered we were supposed to cut out A words to paste on the letter A in our folder. Not surprisingly, there are only so many A words in the junk letter mailings from the past few days. More tears, more frustration. At 8 p.m. I called it a night.

We cuddled on the floor of their room and read The Bear Snores On and The Kissing Hand. We kissed each other's hands so that we could keep each other close and I shut off the light. Good-bye, 4.

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