Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Golden Birthday = 5!

You want to make a kid's day?  Wake them up singing "Happy Birthday" to them.  Smiles all around this morning for my two big Fives.  (We shall ignore Gracie's epic nose bleed upon waking.)

There shall be Hello Kitty and Angry Birds cupcakes for school and Picture Day for Gracie and Lukie's Golden 5 Birthday.

My how they have grown.

Gracie - Less than 5 minutes old

Lukie - 24 hours old

3 weeks old

5 Years Old!


  1. Happy Birthday to Gracie and Lukie!!!! Hope you have a great day! Enjoy your cupcakes :)

  2. Happy Birthday to Gracie and Lukie !! It has gone by so fast. I hope you all have a fun fun day!

  3. Oh my....5 years! Happy Birthday to Gracie and Luke! Big hugs to you all.


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