Monday, April 28, 2008

Little Who Hairs!

Gracie Lu-Who was born with crazy hair! Remember this?Gracie is ready to cheer on the Bears

Sometime in the months after she was born, her hair started to fall out. This was very sad for Daddy and me. Then, all of a sudden, Gracie's hair started to grow. Strangely.

Gracie has what we like to call "Who-Hairs." These are randomly long hairs that tend to blow in the wind and stick out way above all of the others. There are approximately 12 Who-Hairs on her head. They are pretty adorable, but hard to capture on film. We tried to do it today.

Let us know if you can see the elusive Who-Hairs:

If you can't see them on the video, maybe this picture will help.

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