Wednesday, May 7, 2008


There is much ado amongst Twin Mommas and Daddies about whether or not their twins "acknowledge" one another or whether or not they play "nicely." Gracie and Luke have been aware of one another since the very beginning. In the NICU, if one would cry, so would the other. When we brought them home, they would be comforted by just lying next to one another. Over the first few months of their lives, they would touch and even hold hands when we put them on a blanket. Often, the hand holding occurs when one is upset and the other is not.

Now that they are sitting up and more interested in toys, watching them play has become a favorite pastime. Last night, while they were playing with their little singing farm toy, things got a little intense. They are very good at sharing, but eventually, Gracie started getting a little aggressive. She will often take advantage of a distraction to snatch Luke's toys away from him. Most times, Luke looks a little sad, but then something will catch his eye and he will move on.

Every once in awhile, you get Wrestle Mania 17. You may have seen the video I posted last month, but there is nothing like pictures to truly paint the picture of what happened. Last night, Gracie won. Well, "won" may be too strong a word. Let's say she ended up on top of the situation. Luke was uninterested at this point. He moved on from Gracie's drama rather quickly, don't you think?

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