Friday, May 23, 2008

Weird Weather

California generally has 2 seasons: summer and something that kind of resembles winter. Over the past couple of years, winter has gotten shorter and shorter. It is almost indiscernible from any other season.

This week, in particular, has been very weird. On Sunday and Monday, the babies were wearing just onesies and having sunscreen slathered on them. Grandma and Grandpa made themselves helpful by blowing up the baby pool. It was so hot that we actually put them to bed wearing onesies!

Fast forward to yesterday and today.
Yesterday, there were thunderstorms and, today, it poured rain on Sonia and the babies while they were out for a walk. Both babies were in warm onesies and either sweatpants or denim overalls. Both were wrapped in blankets. Tonight, I dressed them in fleece footie pajamas and put blankets over them. I turned the heater on too!

The news is reporting there were tornadoes in Riverside County and snow in Big Bear. In May! Now that is weird!

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