Monday, July 28, 2008

Where do I begin?

Where do I begin, my first post.

My beautiful wife is my rock and she captures my soul, but ever since the wonder twins have arrived, they both each take my heart, life, but my soul will always be my wife's.

I am so in love the Gracie & Lucas that when people ask me about them my heart beats faster and faster, to know how excited I am about them and tell the world about our beautiful children are, God has truly blessed us well and continues to every single moment of every single day.
My words cannot express the joy and happiness our Twinkies bring to us.

More to come from Papa Bear!


  1. Ah, Ed! You are a honey! I love you, too. By the way, there is a spell check button. If you make me something yummy to eat, I'll teach you how to use it!

  2. Now I am hungry...can I have some Twinkies too???? You are a true gentleman, Ed. Lukie has such a loving role Gracie is mine. We'll be cruisin' in my Altima singin' "We like the cars...the cars that go Boom!"
    Love ya!


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