Friday, July 11, 2008

Why won't my babies nap?

I was so looking forward to being at home. I had images of our day: waking up with them smiling at me, breakfast, playing with babies , half hour to hour long naps, playing some more, lunch, a walk or two, another nap, playing, dinner, bath, bed. They were very detailed images.

Why wasn't I warned that my babies don't nap?!

Some days, the babies will sleep for an hour. Other days, I can get them to sleep for 2! The secret is that these are the days we are in the car for long lengths of time. Put us in our house and forget it! They won't sleep for anything.

We are currently on day 2 of a nap strike. They are clearly tired. Clearly can't keep their eyes open. And yet, they won't sleep unless they are in the car or being held.

You can only imagine the problems this causes. We can't drive anywhere because both of our cars only get about 20 miles to a gallon. If I hold one baby, I can't hold the other (they like to touch each other and keep waking each other up).

So, what are we to do? Help!!!! Tell me there is light at the end of the Nap Strike Tunnel!

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