Thursday, July 23, 2009

Um, Where's Lukie's diaper?!

I'm starting to love the mornings in our house. Gracie and Luke have their own bedroom and when they wake up in the morning, one of them tends to climb into bed with the other. They play, tear the room apart and giggle. A Lot.

This morning, I heard a lot of giggling, so I took it as a sign that I could jump in the shower quickly. About halfway through, I started hearing pounding on the bathroom door. Daddy decided to let the animals Twinsies out of their room. They decided they wanted my attention and were pounding on the door and calling my name. I cut my shower short and headed out for our morning diaper changes.

As I put Lukie on our bed, he pointed to his leg and said, "boo boo!" I looked down at his leg and found POOP all down his leg. It was dry, so I thought perhaps his diaper had leaked. I stood him up and pulled the back of his jammie shorts out and discovered:


Huh?! I know I put a diaper on that kid the night before. We had a whole conversation about how he needed to where one. So where the heck was it? I couldn't have left him naked. Could I?

I walked into his bedroom and, lo and behold, there it was. His diaper sitting on Gracie's favorite blanket. One side was clearly still attached, while the other had been ripped open. Given its contents, I would not have wanted to wear that thing either. From the evidence on Lukie and the diaper on the floor, I've deduced that he pulled one side until it broke and then let the diaper slide down his leg, through the jammies, onto the floor. Thus, one attached side and the skidmarks down his leg.


I went back to our room, grabbed him up and stuck him in our bathtub. I stripped him and discovered that all of the poop was dried. I actually had to scrub it off of his skin.

I'm really hoping this is not a sign of things to come. I know that the hot weather has made Gracie and Luke antidiapers. They love running around in their bathing suits. Maybe we will just live that way. We'll hang out in the backyard wearing bathing suits and getting tanned.

What a life!


  1. I'm dreading this day. I really don't like cleaning up poop. Really not at all.

  2. I'm just lucky they did not paint the walls or something!

  3. How funny! At least it happened on a day that you could laugh it off and not have to panic that it would make you late.

  4. The scary thing is, now that he's figured out how to do it, you can probably count on a repeat occurence - Yikes!!!

  5. Thanks for cursing me, Nat! We had another diaper incident this morning. Luckily, he was wearing pants and the diaper got stuck inside!


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