Tuesday, March 2, 2010

and Pirates! Oh My!

Apparently, monsters aren't the only thing that scares Lukie!

The other night, Daddy thought that it would be fun to capitalize on Gracie and Luke's obsession with money.  They like money.  They like playing with coins.  They especially like putting coins in their piggy banks.  So, Daddy took all of the coins he could find and scattered them all over the floor of our bedroom.  He turned off the lights and told Gracie and Luke they were going on a treasure hunt to find the buried treasure.  He handed them their flashlights and showed Gracie and Luke how to find the coins. 

Gracie was all over it!  She found 5 coins before I could even get Lukie down off of the bed.  He immediately balked.  He did not like the lights being off and he most certainly did not like looking for buried treasure. 

"Lukie, look for treasure like the pirates!"  Daddy said.  "Arrrrr!"

At this, Lukie started to cry.  He grabbed a hold of me and would not let go.  "No piwats!  No piwats!"

I turned the lights back on and showed him that there were no pirates in our room.  We had to walk through every part of the room and shine the flashlight in each nook and cranny.  After I proved there were no pirates, Lukie finally settled down.

Flash forward to tonight:  Standing in the bathtub, bubbles all over his head and body, he declared, "Momma, no monsters and no piwats!  Okay?"

"No monsters and no pirates?" I asked.  "Alright, I'll look for them."

After the bath, we went on a Monster and Pirate Hunt.  Flashlights in hand, we checked every corner, under the bed, and in the closet.

"No monsters, Lukie."

"No monsters and no piwats!  Right, Momma?" 

"That's right, Lukie.  No pirates.  Too bad that means no Johnny Depp!"

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  1. Oh, poor Lukie! You guys are such good parents to take the time to show him that there are no monsters and pirates.
    Although, I don't know if I could do away with Johnny Depp... ;-)


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