Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Conversations with Gracie and Lukie

Things have been happening around here faster than a NASCAR pace car!  Everyday, I am blown away by how verbal Gracie and Luke are.  They seem to take on new words faster than I can figure out where they are coming from.  I find myself constantly wishing I had the FLIP permanently attached to my arm so that I could capture this all on film.  Alas, I keep forgetting it in the car.

Last night, Gracie and Lukie were especially verbal.  From the moment I arrived home, I was inundated with stories from their school day.  They were talking so fast that I could hardly keep up with them.  Here's what I gleened from their conversation:  Apparently, their friend, Nathan, at school, was grabbing and hurting Luke.  Lukie said, "No, Nathan!  Stop!"  Nathan would not stop, so the teacher came and put him in a time out.  Then, the teacher held Lukie and told him he would be okay and he stopped crying.  Then, Nathan came and said "Sorry" to Lukie and gave him a hug.

Do you see what I mean?  This is some crazy involved stuff!  No more, "Look, Momma!  Elmo!"  Nope.  Now, I am getting complete stories about their day and things they did.

After bath last night, Gracie (freakishly awake) recounted the entire story again for Daddy.  Daddy stood there staring at Gracie as she went on and on about how Nathan hurt Lukie and got a time out. Daddy looked at me with wide eyes.  "Don't look at me!" I said.  "She's your daughter!"  Daddy laughed because he likes to tell me very long drawn out stories and I usually lose him halfway through because I am drowsing off.

Flash forward to this morning:  Gracie woke up at the crack (well, just before the crack) of dawn.  I got her out of bed and put her in our bed so that I could go get ready for work.  When I came out of the bathroom 20 minutes later, I heard a voice in the darkness:  "Mommy, the monkeys were jumping at the zoo and they were eating leaves (she pronounces it lee-bs) and standing up!  And the lions were sleeping and the giraffes were eating leaves high in the sky!"

I turned on the light in my closet and saw Gracie Lu Who sitting up in bed brushing her hair from her eyes, wide awake and ready for the day.  After she climbed out of bed, she walked over to me and asked me what I was doing.  "I'm getting dressed, Little Who."

"What are you going to wear, Momma?"

"I don't know.  I need to pick out something.  Do you want to help?"

From there, the fashion advice started.  I should wear pink.  I should wear a dress.  I should wear "dees" shoes.

I think I have finally realized.  We are in BIG trouble.


  1. I love the fashion advice that I get from the mommy, no pink, no green, yeah green. Crazy girls...boy are we in for it later!

  2. LOL! I love the conversations we are able to have now - they mesmerize me.
    And how cute that Gracie helps you pick out your clothes??? Adorable!


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