Thursday, July 12, 2007

Goal #1 - Check!

Today is the big day! The babies and I have completed 28 weeks of pregnancy. 30 days ago, we weren't certain I would make it this far, but today I feel like having a tea party!

Monday's ultrasound was very positive. The babies have lots of water around them and are growing very well. The ultrasound machine is projecting that they weigh 2 lbs 8 oz and 2 lbs 4 oz. As usual, they are turned so that their heads are near one another (secretly plotting against us already!). Dr. Bruce, the Chief of Perinatal Medicine here at Huntington, was very pleased with them. He says my body looks like it has no plans of going into labor anytime soon as long as we keep the contractions at bay.

Eddie and I have had a few set backs this week. As many of you know, Eddie fell on Saturday when he was leaving the hospital and broke his leg. At first we thought it was his knee, but it turns out it was his femur that was broken. He had surgery on Sunday and will be leaving the hospital today or tomorrow. Then, yesterday I started feeling weak and very warm. When the nurses took my temperature, I had a fever of 102. After lots of blood draws, the doctors have determined that I have a couple of infections and may also have the flu. I am feeling better today. My fever is down and the babies heart rates are back down as well. They have been kicking me and playing, so hopefully all is well.

Our next goal is 30 weeks, a mere 2 weeks away! The longer the babies stay inside me the better and as I've said many times "Anything for the Twinsies!"

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