Thursday, July 26, 2007

OH, MY GOSH! Week 30!

Do you believe it! We made it to Week 30! I am beside myself! Even Dr. Hartford is pleasantly surprised and excited! We should seriously have a party!

The babies are getting SO big and it is getting harder and harder to move around. I didn't realize HOW big I was until Eddie took a picture of me standing up the other day. YIKES! I don't know how I would be able to do anything if I was at home.

Things have been exciting: My doctor lowered the Magnesium Sulfate to see if my body could tolerate a lower dosage and the answer is : NO! I started having many many contractions and they were really strong, so back up the magnesium went. I also plan on lying on my side more.

From Monday's ultrasound, Iggy has himself positioned to be born already and he seems to be trying to encourage that. When I lie on my side, he is forced into a different position. The babies are no longer with their heads together. Iggy's head is in my pelvis and Hermie's head is up under my ribs. They weights are estimated at 2 lbs 10 oz for Iggy and 2 lbs 8 oz for Hermie. I get to drink Ensure twice a day to help get their weights up. I haven't been hungry and have been forcing myself to eat. The doctors want to make sure that I have all of the calories I need, thus the Ensure.

Rebecca and Kristen threw me a little family baby shower at the hospital on Sunday. They bought us lots of onesies, booties, hats, our stroller, and car seats. I was starting to get worried that the babies would be born and they wouldn't have anything! It was so much fun to sit out on the patio and open presents with my sisters, Mom, Eddie, and Rosi (my mother-in-law). We had a great time eating strawberries and sliced apples. Our little shower got us going, so we can at least bring the babies home when they are born.

I have officially been here for 6 weeks and 2 days! The nurses moved me out of my room and had it cleaned from floor to ceiling so that I could feel fresh and new. I even went through my things and tossed some things. Wow! I had a lot of junk. But now, my room is all clean, Mom!

Our next goal is Week 32. Then Week 34...then Week 36. After that Dr. Hartford plans to deliver them. Wouldn't that be amazing to make it to Week 36?

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