Thursday, July 19, 2007

Umm, 29 weeks? No problem!

Today, the Twinsies and I have completed 29 weeks. Five weeks ago, it was iffy that we would make it this far, but now I am looking to 30 weeks and beyond with hope.

Earlier this week, my doctor was talking about trying to wean me off of the magnesium sulfate (the medication that keeps my contractions away), because I had had so few contractions. Then, yesterday, I started having some pretty strong contractions that lasted through the night. He has now nixed the idea of taking me off of the magnesium. It is likely that I will have several days of no contractions and then have them randomly start up again. It seems like the more the babies move, the more contractions I have.

The babies are getting very big! My stomach is very big and lopsided because of the babies' placements. Hermie (the girl) has been living on the right side of my belly, causing the lopsided look. She has also been trying to hang out in my ribs, so the two of us have been having conversations about staying down. Iggy has maintained his hold at the bottom of my belly, lying across my pelvis. He is determined to be the first one born and he isn't letting his sister move down at all.

Eddie is home from the hospital and is doing much better. He is staying with his parents until he builds up some strength to be able to go home. He goes to spend a few hours at our house to play with our kitties, Phoebe and Dee-Dee. They are both a little traumatized because they haven't seen me for so long and because their routine has been so disrupted, but I hope that things will be better soon.

The latest news is that Dr. Hartford expects that we will deliver the Twinsies between weeks 34 and 36. Generally, when someone has been on bed rest as long as I have (37 days today), they like to deliver the babies as soon as they are over 4 pounds. Dr. Hartford would like to let the babies stay inside of me as long as possible, but the other doctors get nervous that something bad will happen. They feel that it is better to deliver the babies early and have them spend some time in the NICU than have something go wrong when they are inside of me.

Here's a cute memory for you: Rebecca has been bringing the kids to see me. Bianca loves the idea of her "baby cousins" and is determined to have them in her tummy as well. A few days ago, we came back from my wheelchair parole and the next thing I knew, Bianca was lying on my bed, her arms and legs splayed out, with her belly bare. "Look, Nina, I'm having baby cousins too!"

Hailey is working on becoming the champion Uno player. I'm giving her a run for her money, but she's getting better. Bianca can play as long as all she needs to do is put down a similar color or number. I am really grateful to be able to spend time with Rebecca and the kids. They do a great job of distracting me as do my other visitors. Eddie has been sneaking in contraband meals (they aren't really contraband) and he and my sister have been keeping me in fresh nightgowns so that I don't have to wear the hospital gowns.

We are in the home stretch now! In the next 36 to 49 days, the Twinsies will be born. I hope everyone is getting ready. I'm so exhausted from being in bed that I'll need all the help we can get with the babies. You know you can't wait to hold them

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