Saturday, July 28, 2007

My busy night with a creepy crawly in the hospital

Just thought I'd make you laugh:

So I have a corner room here at the hospital and my wall/window is backs up to a garden planter. When I first was admitted, we killed 3 spiders (no idea if they were dangerous) and noticed some ants trying to start a conga line in my shower. I haven't seen spiders in a while and since the spring/summer cleaning last week, there haven't been any more ants.

Last night, I got up to go to the bathroom and saw something about an inch long crawling across the floor. Now, I was a biology major, so bugs don't scare me. But at 5 am, in the dark, with a pregnant belly, dark shapes on the floor are a little disconcerting. So, I got myself back up onto my bed, tucked my feet up, and turned on the lights just to make sure that I did not have a roach or something in my room. Once the lights were on, I saw that the bug had more legs than I had ever counted in my life! It looked suspiciously like it could be a centipede. A centipede! In Pasadena? In a hospital room? Are they poisonous?

So, I pushed my call button and kept my eyes plastered to the little thing now making its way along the wall trying to hide. My nurse came in and I told her my story. She had to move aside the cart with all of the monitoring devices, but sure enough, there it was. And, YES, it was a centipede. She told me that in the foothills of Pasadena, there are indeed centipedes? How come I did not know this? Again, biology major! How did I miss it? I thought they were in South America or something!

Rather than try to capture him and put him back outside, the nurse smushed him and gave him a burial at sea (hehehehehe!). She checked the rest of the room for any other night visitors and went out to share the news of my "Centipede Attack." I attempted to go back to sleep, but the creepy crawlies, and my newly awakened Twinsies, kept me awake. I kept thinking: "If there was one, there could be more." Yikes! Again, are they poisonous?

Any hoodle, I'm contacting the customer service people today. I can handle ants (I'm in So Cal for crying out loud), even spiders (as long as they are far away from me), but centipedes put me over the edge. Hospitals should be a little more attentive to these kinds of things. Honestly!

Hope you enjoyed my "Centipede Attack!"

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