Monday, August 4, 2008

Good Gracious! 11 Months Old!

Where has the time gone? I turned and looked at Gracie and Luke yesterday at the park and was stunned to realize that they hardly look like babies any more.

Both are crawling like crazy; they can really move! Luke started crawling a month after Gracie did, but you would never know it from how well he does it. While Gracie still uses her crazy one knee crawling method, Luke uses the traditional method of crawling. He is frighteningly fast. They love to play Chase The Baby, i.e. chase my sibling. When they catch each other, a wrestling game usually ensues. Most times, Gracie is the winner, pinning Luke to the floor. He just laughs and laughs while she shrieks. It is so much fun watching them interact. They love to play with one another. Most times, they can be found within a few feet of each other, pulling toys out of their bins or playing "drum" on something that sounds cool.

At our most recent doctor's appointment, both babies were over 16 lbs. In fact, Luke is over 17 lbs. They are both still in the 3rd to 5th percentile for height and weight. Dr. A isn't worried, but it is a little weird for us. At 11 months old, they are still wearing size 3-6 month pants and 6-9 month outfits. They are long and lean. Recently, when we went to Sears to have their pictures taken, Gracie and Luke wore their Easter outfits purchased in March! They still fit!

At 9 am every morning, the Twinsies love to watch their 2 favorite shows: Cinco Minutos Mas and Las Tres Mellizas Bebes (The Baby Triplets). The shows are only about 7 minutes each and go by very fast. They are fantastic for helping the babies hear Spanish when Grandma and Grandpa are not around (secretly, Mommy is learning Spanish, too!). As soon as the music starts, they will stop whatever they are doing and turn toward the television. Then, they will start dancing by shaking their booties or bouncing up and down. They will even wave their hands in the air. We decided that we needed to keep the Mellizas in case of emergency, so they have been Tivo'ed (all 57 episodes!). That way, Anna, Tessa, and Nellie can be called upon for dancing and playing at any time!

A little about Luke:
Luk-a-loo is a very happy baby. He has a ready smile and his laugh is amazing! He is our garbage disposal: he will eat anything you put in front of him. We swear he has a hole in his big toe and all of the food he eats exits there! Lukie has 7 teeth: 4 on top and 3 on the bottom (two in the middle and one to the right). Like Sunny Baudelaire, Lukie likes to use his teeth to bite things. He likes to bite arms, people's clothes, toys, his sister, pretty much anything that gets close to his mouth!

Luke's favorite things to eat are Cheerios and Baby Mum-Mums. While most babies can eat these things without making a mess, Lukie does not believe in neatness. Cheerios tend to be strewn about the floor. Mum-Mums make a fantastic noise when you bash them together and break up nicely. Yogurt is also one of his favorite foods. Give Lukie strawberry yogurt and you have a friend for life.

A few months ago, we took Lukie to UCLA for an MRI. He did a fantastic job and all of the nurses fell in love with him while we were there. The doctors have decided that his hemangioma is just underneath the surface of his skin and does not pose a threat to his breathing. We get to take him back to have it measured and then visit UCLA every six months so that they can keep an eye on it. While it is frustrating to hear we have to leave it alone, we understand that surgery is more dangerous to Lukie than just leaving the hemangioma. In the meantime, we have become experts at answering the question: "Oh, what did you do to your nose?!"

Lukie loves his Grandpa. Whenever Grandma and Grandpa come to visit, Lukie makes a beeline for his Grandpa. They are best buds! Everyone else is chopped liver when Grandpa is in the vicinity. We haven't figured out what magic Grandpa is using on Lukie, but it is adorable.

Recently, Lukie started "talking" to us. He has started making the same sounds that Gracie makes and they seem to understand one another. The funniest noise he makes is what we call his "Pterodactyl" noise. We like to play with him by making the sound back at him. Usually, he gets sick of that quickly and the loud noise stops.

A little about Gracie:
Gracie-Lu-Who is happy, too, but as Aunt Bec says she "Mad-Dogs" everyone. For those of you who don't know what that means, it means that Gracie can give a mean "What-You-Lookin'-At?" face. Gracie is a fantastic talker! For months now, she has been making all kinds of sounds. Recently, those sounds have started to become words. So far, her vocabulary includes:

"itty" - kitty
"eera" - mira (Spanish for "look")
"Ma-ma-ma" - Mama (usually used when she wants something and stands at my legs holding up her hands in supplication)
"Mum-Mum-Mum" - food
"Go, go, go" - as she is using the push walker to take off across the room.

Gracie has recently changed her crazy crawl to an even crazier crawl. We think it is because she is getting closer to walking. What do you think?

Gracie's hair has always been fun. The hair on the top of her head sticks straight up in the air. Recently, it was getting long enough that it was starting to lay down and not look like she stuck her finger in a light socket. Aunt Becca actually managed to get her hair into two ponytails and put barrettes into it. I actually got really excited about the idea of being able to put things in her hair other than headbands. On Monday, Grandma was trimming Lukie's hair and trimmed Gracie's too. Unfortunately, Gracie's hair is much shorter now and looks like a buzz cut. Daddy reminds me that it will grow out...It's a good thing we have so many headbands!

Gracie is obsessed with babies! She thinks that every computer or television has babies on it. This is entirely my fault. I have a slide show of Twinsie Pictures as my screen saver. She can sit for a really long time looking at the babies. She will even respond if you ask her if she is watching the babies. She gets excited also when she sees the baby in the mirror.

Gracie is also obsessed with kitties. She will stop and point any time one comes into the room and she will also point out any we see on the street. Daddy has a stuffed animal in our bedroom: a white tiger I gave him when we were dating. Gracie thinks it is a kitty like Phoebe and Dee-Dee! "Itty!" she will point out.

Gracie's latest trick is to use the push toy to cruise across the room. Whenever I say, "Gracie, go, go, go!", she will stand up behind the push toy and start walking across the room. She gets a little hung up by the obstacles in her path, but we are working on the phrase "time to turn!" She is getting so good at it, that we think she may be walking before her first birthday!

Today, we celebrated 11 months old by taking the Twinsies to the Post Office to file our request for their passports. As usual, Lukie smiled and Gracie "mad-dogged." They were intrigued by all of the new things to grab and try to taste (yuck!). In just a month or so, we will travel to Ensenada for one of Daddy's cousin's wedding. How exciting! Travelling with Twinsies in a foreign country. Now that will be a story to tell!

For now, we are one month away from the most amazing anniversary ever! First Birthday! Here we come!

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  1. Everytime I look at Gracie, I'm reminded of Paige. Those two could be twins...hehe! What I wouldn't give for some Who-hair, though - much better than a bald noggin!


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