Monday, December 8, 2008

Hitting and Biting

Who is this child? Who is this biting, hitting child and where did my Lukie go?

Tears have been prevalent in our apartment, in the car, in the store, pretty much anywhere we have traveled this week. Lukie has taken to hitting and biting Gracie whenever he feels like it. It is completely unprovoked and he's bitten hard enough to leave a mark.

What is this? The Twinsies loved each other just a few weeks ago. Now, once we reach a certain time of the day, I can guarantee you that Gracie will be attached by the Lukie Monster or someone else will.

I've been grabbing his hands and holding them together in front of him. "Lukie! No! Biting hurts. You hurt Gracie!" Gracie is clearly crying at this point, with huge tears streaming down her face (if you thought her eyelashes were long before, you should see them with tears on them)!

Arg. I hope this is just a phase. Help!

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