Sunday, December 14, 2008

Santa had fun with us!

Gracie and Luke woke up before the sun was up today, so Eddie and I decided to check an item off our list and try to get a visit in with Santa Claus. We figured that very few people would be in line at 10 am to see Santa on a Sunday, so we dressed up the Twinsies in their Christmas wear and headed up to the North Pole (aka the Valencia Town Center). Gracie and Luke fell asleep in the car, so we sat outside for awhile before going in. This proved to put us further down the line than we realized.

After about an hour wait, we made it up to see Santa. We hadn't told them anything about Santa. I did not want to overwhelm them at all. Lukie had a great time giving Santa high 5s and touching his suit. Gracie was having none of it and stayed firmly in my arms sucking on her binky. Finally, Lukie sat on one side of Santa and I put Gracie down next to Santa on the other side. They got 4 shots. In three of them, Gracie looks like she is trying to flee from an axe murderer. This one was the only one that was printable:

We hope Santa has just as much fun with you!

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  1. It just isn't Christmas until someone cries with Santa!


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