Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I just know I am going to jinx myself...

We spent night #3 in our new apartment last night and I am stunned at the difference in the babies. Sleep time has always been an issue for us. They slept with us when they came home from the hospital and when we tried to move them to their Pack-N-Plays to sleep, we met major resistance. They would sleep there until we went to bed and invariably wake up and want to be in bed with us. Since there are 2 of them, this necessitated us buying a much bigger bed so that all 4 of us could fit in it. Even after the bigger bed, we still had problems with Gracie waking up or Lukie waking up. Milk seemed to be the only way any of us got any sleep. The hotel was nightmarish because no one seemed to sleep and we were all walking around like zombies.

In our one bedroom apartment, we have 2 beds: a day bed and a full-size bed. Eddie and I are sleeping in the full-size bed and the Twinsies have taken up night time residence on the day bed. It is amazing! Somehow, the day bed has tricked the babies into thinking they are in bed with us. They have the nice mattress, the comfy comforter, and it smells like Mommy and Daddy! Yay! For the past 3 nights, Gracie and Luke have slept almost completely through the night. From about 7 pm to (gasp!) 6:30 or 7 am, they have woken up from time to time, but usually put themselves right back to sleep. If they really wake up, I've gone out to the living room and crawled into bed with them. They are usually right back to sleep in under 3 minutes. I know I feel much better and Eddie, who has a slight case of pneumonia, is definitely getting more sleep than we were in the hotel.

The upshot of all of this is that the babies are happier, Mommy is happier and Daddy is much happier! The one unforeseen consequence of all of this is that I have been getting to work over 30 minutes early. I used to have to spend a ton of time making bottles, changing diapers, and holding crying babies. Since they are still asleep, I am leaving earlier. Maybe this means I can wake up later!?

We are trying to decide what will happen when the television arrives. Will the babies move to our room or will our bed be moving to the living room. Since we rarely have visitors, it might be okay if our living room was Mommy and Daddy's bedroom. Hmmmm. We'll have to give that some more thought!

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  1. Yay for sleep!!!!! I am so glad you are settling in!


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