Sunday, December 28, 2008

Some Sobering News for Daddy

You may or may not know that Eddie is a Type I Diabetic. He was diagnosed in May of 1989 after he lost 80 lbs in 6 months and was very, very sick. Over the years, he has had many health problems as a result of his diabetes. He has had gasteoparysis, degeneration of his eyesight, and he had to have his left foot amputated after a wound on his heel would not get better.

His health is challenging. He has to test his blood sugars several times a day and watch what he eats. He does okay, but like most diabetics, he craves things he should not have. It is a daily struggle for him to be healthy.

A few years ago, his primary doctor wanted him to see a nephrologist, a kidney doctor. They started testing his blood to see how well his kidneys were functioning. Back then, his kidney function was about 80%. Not great, but pretty good for having Type I Diabetes. Over the years, he has had problems with too much phosphorous or too much potassium or too much whatever in his blood. His doctor has prescribed many different medications in the hope that they might be able to get his kidney function back up. Unfortunately, it has not worked.

On December 23, Eddie's doctor told him that his kidney function has suddenly dropped to 20%, devastating news. Next week, he will have to go in to have a tube put into either his arm or his abdomen so that he can start dialysis. The doctor is also placing him on the kidney transplant list. You cannot imagine how scary the word "transplant" is to us, but it is even scarier than the phrase "kidneys are failing."

As of this blog post, this is everything we know. We hope to have more information to share soon. In the meantime, we hope you will keep Gracie and Lukie's Daddy in your thoughts and prayers.

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