Tuesday, May 5, 2009

20 Months Old - The Countdown to 2 Begins

Are you kidding me? Twenty months old? We're, like, on the downhill slide toward 2 years old!

Torture me a little more, why don't you?

This month, my Little Gracie-Lu-Who, you have developed quite the attitude. In fact, if I had not been present at your birth, I might be inclined to think you were actually in 7th grade and about to celebrate your 13th birthday! The phrase "Nnnnnnnnnnn-No!" is your favorite one. You have developed into such a drama queen that I must make sure I have 3 feet between me and any surrounding furniture when you are in my arms.

You have become quite the fashionista. You like to try on shoes, hats, and any pjs with kitties on them. You have a definite opinion about what I am about to put on you and if it is something you don't like, I am in trouble. You can still fall asleep with a snugly blanket and a warm body next to you. You think that bubbles are AMAZING and the tub is your pool. You love books with a passion and can sit for 30 minutes just looking at pictures and pointing at things.

The most amazing thing you've done this month: you pointed at a picture of an ice cream sundae and said, "ice cream" quite clearly!

Ah, my Little Lukie-Lou. What a crazy month it has been with you! I don't know what you are going through, my little man, but something has you very unhappy. You want me to hold you all the time. If I don't, you grab at any part of me you can hold onto and I drag you along with me. You can fake cry: yes, I know you are faking it. Surprisingly, you have not yet figured out that the key component of the fake cry is the tears. You, like Gracie, love books, bubbles, baths, "swimming" in the tub. Your words are quickly catching up with Gracie's and it makes me very happy to watch you two talk.

Your hemangioma appears to have plateaued in its growth. There are days when it looks like you don't even have one, but later in the day, your nose will swell a bit. I'm hoping that these are the signs that it might be resolving itself sooner rather than later.

Together, the two of you are obsessed with buses and trucks. Our morning drives to Abue's house are filled with: "Ooooo! uck!" Barney is the best thing since sliced bread. Any tantrum can be solved with "Barney is a dinosaur from our imagination...." I have a season pass for Barney and make sure to keep 5 episodes minimum on the DVR. You fight over the Barney books and the books with lift the flaps or other hidey holes.

You don't eat as much as you used to. Instead, you seem to eat only when you are absolutely hungry. Well, except when Abue Juve shares a Popsicle with you! Those you will eat whenever they are presented. You love Grandma's rice and anyone's chicken. You don't like pasta or anything with sauce on it. You like to eat with Tio Martin or on my lap. Of course, you also like to eat on the go!

The best thing about you both is the absolute excitement and joy you show about everything you do. Your hugs break my heart every time, every hug feels like the first one ever! You are friendly and loving to everyone (unless they steal a toy or retrieve one you stole from them - then, it is on!).

In 4 short months, you are going to turn 2 years old. I'm speechless. I guess I'm just going to have to play with you more, enjoy you more, love you more so that I live every single second with you to its fullest.

So, my little ones, keep the good times coming!


  1. I refuse to count down to 2 and you can't make me!

  2. I love these "letters" you right to the Twinsies. They make me happy. :)


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