Friday, May 15, 2009

Serves me right

Since they were born, I've talked with Gracie and Luke about their diapers.

"Gracie went POT-TIE. Gracie went POT-TIE! POT-TIE!"

"Who has POO-POO? Lukie has POO-POO!"

"Who tooted? Was it you, Gracie?" giggle. giggle. "Was it you, Lukie?"

I wasn't my plan to teach them about what was in their diapers. It was just conversation while I was doing something I used to pay my sister to do when I babysat so that I wouldn't have to. About 6 months ago, Gracie started saying potty back at me. She would giggle when I sang my little songs and repeat "potty" or "poo-poo." Three months ago, Lukie started doing it, too.

Then, a few weeks ago, Gracie started saying, "Uh-oh! Potty!" and grab her diaper. She'd get very anxious and come running to me. "It's okay, Gracie." I would say. "Do you have potty in your diaper?" She would grunt "yes" and run away. She started following me into the bathroom and saying "Oh, potty!" as commentary.

I started thinking that I need to buy a potty seat for Gracie and Luke to try. I have no plans to potty train them, but if they are interested, I can assuage their curiosity. I have yet to buy the seat, but I'm going to buy one tomorrow!

Tonight, I put Gracie and Luke in the tub and about 5 seconds later, Gracie got a terrified look on her face and said "Uh-oh, Potty!" and started to pee in the bath water.

"It's okay, Gracie," I said.

She stopped midstream and sat down in the water. I drained the tub and we started over again. Five minutes later it happened again. It seems very clear that Gracie is very aware of what is going on with her body.

Lukie, on the other hand...

Lukie usually pees in the tub straight off. It is one of the reasons why I always leave the tub unplugged for the first few minutes. Tonight, I know I saw him do his duty at the beginning of the bath. So when the time came for everyone to get out of the tub, I thought I would try something different with them: I took Lukie out of the tub, wrapped him in his blanket and told him to go out to the living room. "Don't go potty!" I called after him. Famous last words.

I got Gracie out of the tub, wrapped her in her towel and went in search of my son. We kept calling him and he would not reply. When we finally saw him, we also saw what kept him so quiet: He had peed all over the side of my bed. I tried to get mad, but I just couldn't. It served me right for letting him wander about without a diaper. I know better. He's peed on their bed several times.

So, I am up waiting for my sheets and blanket to finish washing and drying.

Serves me right. Who let's an un-potty-trained 20 month old wander around naked?

On further reflection, $20 says it was the cold air from the fan that triggered "the accident."

Yep. Serves me right.

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