Friday, May 8, 2009

My First Mother's Day Gift from the Twinsies

I wasn't expecting anything. Maybe that's why the sight of my Twinsies walking toward me, smiles from ear to ear, carefully holding little glass jars was so wonderful. Add to that that they
were so enthralled by holding their gifts for me that no one cried while I signed them out of day care. It would bring tears to anyone's eyes.

In their hands, Gracie and Luke cradled their first Mother's Day art projects for me:

If I am interpreting this correctly, their hand prints are the flowers and the little jars, decorated with their pictures, are the flower vases or pots. The pictures are from Gracie and Luke's favorite activity: playing with corn starch. (I've never witnessed this, but I have been told multiple times that they adore it.)

My Mothers Day flower pots are currently sitting atop the cable box. Anywhere else and I suspect they would not last very long. Gracie and Luke were very excited about them!

Thank you, Gracie and Luke, for my beautiful gifts!


  1. So sweet!!!! Cherish it!!!

  2. I received my first Mother's Day gift from Brandon. It was his footprint made into a bookmarker. On it is a picture of him. I cried. Preschools know what we Mommies want. I am a sucker for all of that stuff. Happy Mother's Day, Jen!

  3. So very cute! I am not even sure my family remembers tomorrow is Mother's day!

  4. What fantastic gifts!!!! Oh, how sweet!


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