Sunday, October 25, 2009

Of Ponies and Ponytails

Today, Gracie, Lukie, Daddy and I traveled to the Hansen Dam Equestrian Center to watch girls from my school ride in the an equestrian show. We've been talking about going for quite some time, but this is the first time Daddy has been available to go with me. Gracie and Lukie are totally enamored of horsies right now, so we knew the time was right!

When we arrived, we had a talk with Gracie and Lukie about staying with Mommy and not trying to touch the horsies. We shouldn't have worried! They were scared to death of them!

We found our school's tent right away and our friend, Alison, gave Gracie and Lukie some chips and took us over to find Elizabeth, our other friend from school. I saw two students I know and we got to watch Nicole ride in dressage.

There were horsies everywhere! Gracie and Lukie did not know where to look first. There were horses in the rings practicing, horses in the paddocks, horses in stalls! It was Horsie Heaven!

Gracie spent most of her time in my arms. She did want to walk around, but I wasn't sure how good she would be about staying out from under the horses' feet. She wanted to see everything and kept pointing and saying, "horsie!" to me.

You may notice that Gracie is wearing ponytails in her hair! Her hair is finally long enough for me to put it up and she's been sporting this new look for the last two days.

Our friend, Elizabeth pointed out the different students to us, riding their horses in paddocks near us. Her daughter was also going to ride today, so she was keeping an eye out for her on her horse.

Lukie stayed with Daddy most of the time. The two of them were dressed in their Chicago Bears jersies. (We won't talk about what happened with the game today. I don't think Tio Joey will be recovering anytime soon.) He was also saying, "Horsie! Horsie!" over and over again. The sad part was that whenever Gracie or got close to the horses, they would get scared and want us to take them away from the horses.

Eventually, Lukie let Alison take him to visit a horse. He wouldn't touch Dakota, but he had fun watching Dakota try to eat Alison's ponytail and her hat!

We did not last much longer. Gracie and Lukie were just too overwhelmed by all of the horsies. We promised Elizabeth and Alison that we will come back the next time there is a show. Maybe then, Gracie and Luke will be more comfortable with the horses.

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  1. That looks like so much fun! Our boys were scared of the horsies at the fair this year too - I can't imagine how huge a horse looks to such a little person!
    Oh, and Gracie's hair looks adorable!


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