Monday, October 12, 2009

We did it!

Thanks to everyone who came together in an amazing show of support, Daddy not only reached his goal of $2000, he surpassed it. As of the time of this post, he has $2201 and there is more money coming in today. We are very excited about going over our goal and thank everyone for playing a part in making it possible.

Gracie and Luke had a lot of fun the morning of the Walk, but it went downhill pretty fast from there. We started by playing with Bianca and Brandon. Gracie and Luke ran all over the grass and spent some time throwing wood chips and going down the slides. Gracie and Luke were beside themselves that Bianca and Brandon were there. All I kept hearing was "Byanca" and "Branyon!" The day could have ended there. They loved playing hard with their cousins.

Too soon, it was time to get things started. I snagged Gracie and Luke and made sure that everyone knew who they were walking for. We listened to people talk about how diabetes has effected their lives and Rick Chambers from Channel 4 News reminded us how important our walking was to everyone.

Gracie and Luke were not excited to be hanging out with me and Aunt Bec instead of playing with Bianca and Brandon, however, I quickly busted out the Goldfish crackers and all was well.

By the way, see that bow in Gracie's hair? It's the same bow she wore for her 1st birthday party. It's the what all the cool Bear's fans are wearing this year!

A few minutes later, we were off! Somehow we got separated from the rest of Team Uribe, but Aunt Bec stuck with Gracie, Lukie and me even though she was super sick and probably should have stayed at home. It is a sign of her love for Daddy that she came even though she wanted to die because she felt so awful. Aunt Bec, you rock. Next year, it's okay to stay home if you are sickie-poo. We don't want you to get a super-bug because of us!

Aunt Bec pulling Gracie and Luke in the wagon. Other than the people cleaning up the balloons, etc, we were THE end of the Walk.

Lukie and Gracie decided fairly early on that they did not want to stay in the wagon. About 1.3 miles into the Walk, Lukie took a header into the cement.
See the bump on his forehead? And the boogies running down his face?
The boogies remained for the rest of the day.
As did the crying.
As did Mommy and Aunt Bec carrying Twinsies.

See? This was before he fell!

After Gracie, Lukie and I were the LAST people across the finish line, I let them loose. They ate the one hot dog and hamburger left by the time we got to the end and then they played!

Someone thought it was smart to pour ice all over the ground.
Clearly, they did not think that toddlers might think it was okay to eat the ice on the ground.

Friends played for 45 minutes walking on the ice and chasing each other across it!

Finally, some happy smiles.

But no naps.

Not like I might want to take one.

No, why would I want that?!


  1. Yay for meeting your goal! I wish I'd been paying attention a little earlier. Count me in for next year - Go Team Uribe!!!!!!!
    (Poor Lukie with his bump - ouch!)


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