Sunday, September 7, 2008

Birthday Parties

Being twins, it makes sense that Gracie and Luke might have more than one party. We actually had 3!

On their actual birthday, we headed to the Spaghetti Factory for dinner with Nana, Aunt Bec, Hailey, Bianca, Brandon, Auntie Ten Ten, and Nathan. The Twinsies had garlic bread and spaghetti. For their birthday surprise, they had spumoni ice cream. Gracie and Luke are fascinated by fire, but don't understand what to do about it. I blew out their candles for them.

On Saturday, we had a birthday party at a park near Aunt Bec's house. Lots of people were there, including family and friends. My friend, Julie, was there with her twin boys and our friend from the hospital, Jessica, was there with her twin boys! The Twinsies had an Elmo Cupcake Cake for this party and had lots of fun making a mess. We had a great time eating blueberries, red frosting, and dodging the balloons dancing in the wind. There was a Cookie Monster pinata too!

(Be patient while the slide show loads!)

On Sunday, we had a party at our house for the people who live closer to us. This time, we had a Cookie Monster Cupcake Cake and an Elmo pinata. (Daddy wants me to say here that he was really impressed with Sam's Club. We gave them a picture of a Cookie Monster Cupcake Cake and they did a beautiful job!) Instead of wearing their 1st birthday shirts, Gracie and Luke wore their bears onesies. Gracie even had a ginormous Bears' bow. It's a good thing they wore them, because that night, the Bears played the championship Colts and beat them. Go Bears!

We had a lovely time at both parties. It was a long weekend, but we had such a wonderful time. It was great having everyone come to spend time with the babies and see how they are growing.

One special memory to note: This weekend, Luke started taking his first real steps. He is still a little wobbly, but he can take 6 or more steps and manage to stay upright. In the next few weeks, he should be just as good at walking as Gracie is!

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