Saturday, September 27, 2008

Do Either of the Twinsies Look Like Me?

Ever since the babies were born, I've thought they both look like their father. Lucas is the spitting image of his Daddy, while Gracie looks like her Grandpa Al.

We get all kinds of comments:

"Luke looks just like you!"

"Gracie looks just like Ed!" and so on...

I can't find any baby pictures of Daddy, but here are some of me.

What's the verdict? Do either of them look like me?

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  1. That first picture is SO Lukie!!!

  2. I thought that was lukie!! Gracie does look like you as well.

  3. Nope. Are you sure they're yours?

  4. I totally see Gracie in your Santa picture! And your "little girl" photo is ridiculously cute!

    -Angela from BBC sometimes


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