Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Luke-a-Loo the Walker? Maybe Stepper?

Over the past few days, Lukie has been "trying" to walk. Or maybe, it is step...

Without warning, he will stand on his own and take 5 or 6 steps toward someone or something. There is no rhyme or reason to it. No one seems to be able to convince him to walk toward them. It is an entirely random occurrence. Daddy has been desperately trying to get Lukie to walk across the room. He wants both babies to be walking by their first birthday.

I'm not sure Luke-a-Loo is interested in that. So far, he has done everything in his own time. He started crawling a month after Gracie, still says only 4 or so "words", has grown his eight teeth in spurts. I think we just have to be patient. That's the just way Luke-a-Loo rolls.

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