Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Post #101 - For Daddy

Every year, Daddy walks in the America's Walk for Diabetes. Having lived through the horrible things the disease can do to a person, he works hard to see that money is raised to search for a cure. When we discovered we were pregnant, he became very worried that the babies would one day develop diabetes. He worries about it every day, which makes this Walk even more critical to him.

This year, he has been a little distracted (read = twinsies) and hasn't been able to send out the mailing requests he usually does to ask for help. If you can help Daddy reach his goal, please visit his webpage on the American Diabetic Association's website. He has a huge way to go to reach his goal. I hope you can help him make it a little bit closer to his magic number.

Here is a link to the team page if you want to walk with us!

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