Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Our Friend, Bonnie

Today, we visited Bonnie, my friend from school. Almost six years ago, Bonnie's daughter Caitlin was in my advisory and my Pre-Algebra class. Caitlin was adorable and I loved having her in my class. The bonus was I got her Mom in the process. Bonnie would send me monthly, sometimes weekly, emails that would raise my spirits. They were amazing emails! So amazing were they, that I created a Happy Notes folder in my email cabinent for them. Occasionally, when I had a bad day, I would open one of Bonnie's emails and feel so much better. To this day, I still have every Happy Note she ever sent me.

Today, we visited Bonnie at her office. She is a program director for the Institute for Educational Advancement. They do amazing things there for gifted students who need opportunities to reach their potential. Bonnie gets to spend her days helping these kids feel inspired and granting their wishes to attend schools they might not otherwise be able to. I'm so envious!

While I talked with Bonnie's boss, Beth, Bonnie volunteered (on Rosh Hashanah no less) to play with the babies. When I left them, they were in the lobby area of the Institute's offices. I did not hear anything while I was talking with Beth, so I wasn't worried. Beth and I came out of her office about 40 minutes or so later to find...emptiness. No babies. No Bonnie. Beth, however, noticed that Bonnie's office door was closed. So she slowly opened it. Again, no babies. Then we heard Gracie talking and behind a desk, on the floor, we found Bonnie (in her business attire) with Gracie and Luke. Gracie was picking up markers and putting them into a cup while Luke was knocking them out and spreading them all over the floor.

Bonnie did a great job with the babies! She is also brilliant and perceptive. Having only spent 40 minutes on her own with the babies, she was able to describe their personalities perfectly. She called Lukie "all boy" (yep!) and Gracie an indepenent baby with a need to organize (yep!).

Beth and Bonnie's Foundation is going to be opening a preschool in the next few years for children aged 3-7 to attend. They will do amazing things there and we plan on being two of their first students!

Bonnie, we loved visiting you and can't wait to see you again! Maybe next time, we can come play with Caitlin too!

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