Monday, November 10, 2008

Daddy's Diaper Change Helper

I so wish I had video of this! It must have been amazing!

Gracie and Luke are crazy at diaper change time. They've learned how to twist themselves just so that you have to hold onto their feet for dear life or risk poop ending up all over everything. It has become our National Past time to figure out how to keep them entertained during diaper changes, thus preventing the dreaded baby skid marks on the floor.

This morning, Eddie was changing poopy diaper #2 for Lukie and Lukie was doing his best to twist out of his grasp. Scrambling for something to distract Lukie, Eddie grabbed a Cheerio from the carpet next to Lukie's head and put it in his mouth. Obsessed with eating, Lukie immediately calmed down and chomped on his Cheerio.

Why is this so cool? It isn't, but what happened next is.

On Saturday, I blew up balloons for the Twinsies and Gracie has spent the better part of the past 3 days walking around the living room dragging her balloon all around. While Eddie was changing Lukie, Gracie was watching the exchange. Fascinated by Daddy's actions, Gracie scooped up some more Cheerios, plopped herself down next to Lukie's head (her balloon in tow, of course) and proceeded to feed Cheerios to Lukie while Eddie finished changing Lukie's diaper.

That girl is freaky smart sometimes. We're in SO much trouble.

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